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      Wireless scheme




      We have launched an NFC[1] controller LSI (CLF[2]) "T6NE2XBG" for secure mobile payments via proximity wireless communication. 
      The market for mobile payments, using smartphones and other mobile devices in transactions, is growing. The T6NE2XBG enables multiple concurrent connections with three different secure elements (SE[3]), allowing manufacturers to design NFC-enabled applications before the SE for the transaction system is determined. 
      We have shipped more than 400 million custom LSIs for proximity cards and mobile payment systems, and expertise in RF[4] technology gained through this experience is integrated in the new product 


      Concurrent connection to up to three multiple SEs
      A range of SE are being deployed into applications to meet the different requirements of payment system operators. The new product enables multiple concurrent connections to a maximum of three different SEs, making it possible to design applications before the system SE is finalized. The product also supports thee different communication protocols to SEs.
      Integrated circuit to adjust RF connectivity
      Manufacturers need to adjust RF connectivity of NFC-enabled devices to receive necessary certification that payment system operators require. The product integrates an adjustment circuit and records each parameter into embedded EEPROM, which enables adjustment of each operating mode (card emulation, reader writer, and P2P[5]) and different RF modulation options (Type A, B and F).
      Smartphones, tablet terminals, NFC readers/writers, and home appliances with wireless communication functions
      Main specifications

      Part Number


      Main Features

      • CPU: ARM? Cortex?-M0
      • Max Operation Frequency: 27MHz
      • Communication I/F:
        • RF: ISO14443 TypeA/B, ISO18092 TypeF, ISO15693 (R/W mode only)
        • Host I/F: SPI I2C UART (option)
        • SE IF:3×SWP UART SPI (select 3 interfaces)
      • Supply Voltage: 2.5V~3.3V (3 mixed power supply voltage)
      • Package:BGA64 (4.5mm × 4.5mm, t0.85mm, 0.5mm pitch)

      Embedded Software

      • NFC Forum: NCI Ver1.0 (2012/11/6) compliant
      • EMVCo: Book D EMV contactless communication protocol specification Ver. 2.2 compliant
      • 3 Secure Element I/F: Application ID/Technology/Protocol base routing


      • [1] NFC: Near Field Communication. One of the international standards for proximity wireless communication system.
      • [2] CLF: Contactless Front-End. A kind of NFC controller.
      • [3] SE: Secure Element. Semiconductor products which has security functions against masquerading attacks from outside.
      • [4] RF: Radio Frequency.
      • [5] P2P: Peer-to-pear. Communication systems that the either side can initiate a session and has equal responsibility.


      Copyright ? 2005 Youngsun Electronics Co., Ltd. 上海欣日 版權所有 聯系電話:021-51688938
      上海欣日:物聯網人機界面 |嵌入式產品及其應用 | 無線通訊產品 | 新能源市場產品 | 電子零部件 | 

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